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 Spellcaster Beatdown deck

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PostSubject: Spellcaster Beatdown deck   Fri 14 Jul 2017, 10:52

1x Sphere Kuriboh
1x Skilled Red magician
1x Mei-Kou, Master of barriers
2x Magical Marionette
2x Maiden of Macabre
2x A man with WDjat
1x Magical Undertaker
1x Trance the magic swordsman
3x Neo the magic swordsman

1x Big bang shot
1x Banner of courage
1x Block Attack
1x Despell

1x Rising Energy
1x Wisdom of etaqua

Skill: Power of dark ( Begins duel with Yami activated)

Summary: Overwhelm the field as quick as possible with high att monsters.

So here is the deck I'm currently working, nothing fancy, just a standard run of the mill Beatdown deck. Utilizing Power of dark skill to boost all monsters attacks by 200 to make are normal summons 1900 beatsticks.

Currently trying to get the third Maiden as it's can quickly gain more attack, A second trance would also be usually so I may have to fork out and buy a second Yugi deck (For real money).

All feedback and suggestions are welcome.


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Spellcaster Beatdown deck
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